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Route verte Gatineau - Bienvenue Cyclistes!

Gatineau, the cyclist’s city

It’s a fact,  Gatineau offers cyclists a variety of benefits, especially in facilitating transportation. Passionate about cycling?

You’ll be glad to know that with its 300 kilometers of marked recreational trails and bike paths, Gatineau allows you to travel the Trans-Canada Trail as well as the Route verte while enjoying the many attractions that are found along the way. You can also enjoy the. mountain bike trails in Gatineau Park!

Gatineau is an ideal place for cycling and so is Hotel V, where many cyclists put their bags down..There’s nowhere like the “V” to unwind after a long bike ride!

Hotel V takes care of all your needs. "Bienvenue Cyclistes" certified, Hotel V offers quick access to the Rapibus bike paths as well as the Route Verte.  Furthermore, the hotel is only a few metres from a station which offers a direct link to the main attractions and city centers of both Hull and Ottawa.

Hotel V also offers free parking for anyone wanting to do a bicycle outing on the nearby 10-km course which is a very safe corridor with access to the Route Verte cycling paths.

When you get back from your outing, Hotel V welcomes you to the comfort of its well-appointed rooms and  its Urban Spa with sauna and relaxation area, as well as a fitness room.

Your epicurean inner self will delight in our Resto Bistro Rumeur’s table. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere will further add to your enjoyment of a diversified gastronomy where the dishes are prepared to satisfy modern day palates.

Alone or with family or friends, Hotel V is perfect for agreeable encounters and discoveries.

Whether you choose cycling for reasons of economy, efficiency, your ecological values or your health,  after a stay at Hotel V you will probably agree that it offers a whole lot more.